Understanding the Power-On Self-Test

Understanding the Power-On Self-Test

Each time you power-on the computer, the power-on self-test (POST) is initiated. The POST takes up to 90 seconds to complete, depending on the options installed.

The POST checks the following items: system boards, memory, display, keyboard, diskette drive, hard disk drive, parallel port, and serial port.

To start the POST, power-on the computer. The following actions will happen:
  1.  If a critical error occurs during the POST, the system halts.  The system might beep or display a message.

     If the POST cannot be completed successfully,  an error code appears on the display, and  you are prompted  to press Esc  or Enter.  If you press Esc, the computer  bypasses the error and attempts to complete the POST.  If you press Enter, the computer displays the Configuration Utility  window.  You can then try to correct the error.  (See 'Running the Diagnostics').

  2.  The computer issues one short beep when the POST ends successfully.  .cp 10
  3.  The computer attempts to load the operating system  as customized.  If the computer does not find an operating system,  it displays a graphic message requesting  that you insert a bootable diskette in the diskette drive  and press F1  to resume operation.

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