LCD-Related (Video) Symptoms

LCD-Related (Video) Symptoms

Note that LCD-related symptoms might be a result of software problems. Therefore, before working on hardware to correct video problems, make sure that the system has the latest versions of the video drivers installed. Systems that do not have the latest versions of video drivers might experience symptoms such as random extra pixels.

NOTE: To check the versions of the video drivers, follow these steps:

Symptom/Error    FRU/Action
   No beep, power-on indicator on, 1. Adjust contrast.
   and a blank LCD during POST. 2. Top System Board.
  3. Bottom System Board.
   ° LCD backlight not working, or 1. Reseat LCD connectors.
   ° LCD too dark, or 2. Reseat inverter card.
   ° LCD brightness cannot be adjusted. 3. Inverter Card.
  4. LCD Assembly.
   LCD contrast cannot be adjusted 1. Reseat LCD connectors.
   (ThinkPad 701CS only). 2. Top System Board.
  3. LCD Assembly.
   ° LCD screen unreadable, or    See important note for
   ° Characters missing pels, or    'Disassembling the LCD Assembly'
   ° Screen abnormal, or 1. Check that the latest versions of the
   ° Wrong color displayed.     drivers are installed.
  2. Reseat LCD connectors.
  3. Bottom System Board.
  4. LCD Assembly.
   LCD has extra horizontal or 1. LCD Assembly.
   vertical lines displayed.  
   Blank LCD, system runs 1. Check display type.
   correctly during POST     (Press Fn+F1 to enter the
      Configuration Utility, and then
      reset Display type to LCD.)

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