Checking the Battery Pack

Checking the Battery Pack

Perform the following steps to check the battery:

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  Though main batteries have low voltage, a shorted or grounded battery can produce enough current to burn combustible materials or personnel.

  1.  Remove the battery.

    NOTE:  To remove the battery, end external communications if you are not  using an AC adapter.  Power-off the computer,  and then close the lid.  Unlock the battery compartment door located on the bottom of the computer.  Slide the battery out of the compartment.

  2.  Measure the voltage between battery  terminals 1 (+) and 4 (-).


    Terminal Voltage (Vdc) / Signal
    1 11.0 (nominal)
    (Range +10.0 to +16.0)
    2 VCC
    3 I/O
    4 Ground


    NOTE: The signal lines not used in these steps,  terminals 2 and 3,  are used for communication between the system and the battery.

  3.  If the voltage is less than +10.0 Vdc, the battery has  been discharged or is defective.  Recharge the battery.

     If the voltage is still less than +10.0 Vdc after the recharging,  replace the battery.

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