Checking the AC Adapter

Checking the AC Adapter

Check the AC adapter if the computer fails only when the AC adapter is used, or if the battery does not charge when the AC adapter is attached and the computer is on or in suspend mode.

NOTE: Several types of AC adapters can be supplied with the ThinkPad 701C / 701CS. The procedure for checking them is the same.
  1.  Unplug the AC adapter cable from the computer and  measure the output voltage at the plug of the AC adapter cable.


    Pin Voltage (Vdc)
    1 +15.5 to +17.0
    2 Ground


  2.  If the voltage is not correct,  replace the AC adapter.

    NOTE: In rare cases, the problem may be in the AC adapter even when  the voltage is correct.  If an AC adapter is available, try replacing the computer's AC adapter.

  3.  If the voltage is correct, replace the  top system board.  If this does not correct the problem,  go to 'Undetermined Problems'

NOTE: An audible noise from the AC adapter does not always indicate a defective adapter.

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