MultiPort II Checkout

MultiPort II Checkout

Use the following procedure to isolate a MultiPort II problem. The MultiPort II attaches to the system expansion connector at the rear of the computer.
  1.  Power-off the computer.
  2.  Remove all of the devices from the MultiPort II.
  3.  Unplug the AC adapter from the computer, if attached,  and plug the AC adapter into the MultiPort II  if it is not already  attached.
  4.  Attach wrap plugs to the serial port and the parallel  port on the MultiPort II.
  5.  Power-on the computer.

     Press the F1 key any time  while the POST memory count is proceeding.  When the memory test is completed, the Easy-Setup screen screen appears.

  6.  Press the left or right arrow key to  select Test and press Enter  or position the pointer over the Test icon and  click the left click button once.
  7.  Press Ctrl+A to enter advanced diagnostics.
  8.  Select Tool to install the wrap plugs on the ports.  (See 'Running the Diagnostics' for instructions.)
  9.  Run the diagnostics tests on the parallel and serial  ports on the computer and the MultiPort II.  To test the external display device,  select the Display icon.  Test results will be displayed under the icon for each selected  device.
  10.  If the diagnostics tests do not find errors,  suspect a problem with the previously attached devices.

     If the tests find errors,  perform the following steps to recheck the computer:

     If the errors do not reoccur, replace the MultiPort II.  If the errors persist, suspect that the errors are  related to internal FRUs and replace the appropriate  FRU (for information on FRU codes, see 'FRU Codes'

  11.  If power problems appear only when using the MultiPort II,  replace the MultiPort II.
  12.  To exit from the test screen, press Esc.

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