Diskette Drive Checkout

Diskette Drive Checkout

Use the following procedure to isolate the diskette problem to a controller, drive, or diskette. For this test, you need a scratch, write-enabled, double-sided, high-density diskette (2.0MB that formats to 1.44MB) that is known to be good.
  1.  Power-off the computer.
  2.  Attach the external diskette drive  if it is not already attached.
  3.  Power-on the computer.

     Press the F1 key any time  while the POST memory count is proceeding.  When the memory test is completed, the Easy-Setup screen screen appears.

  4.  Press the left or right arrow key to  select Test and press Enter  or position the pointer over the Test icon and  click the left click button once.
  5.  Press Ctrl+A to enter the advanced diagnostics.
  6.  Select the FDD-1 icon  and press Enter.  This runs the controller test and the drive  read/write test.
  7.  If the controller test detects an error, FRU code 10 appears.  First, replace the diskette drive and cable and run the test again.  If FRU code 10 appears from this second test,  replace the top system board.
  8.  If the controller test runs without errors,  select Tool  from the advanced diagnostics screen.  (See 'Running the Diagnostics' for instructions.)  Select the FDD-1 icon and  insert a scratch diskette  to continue with the drive test.
  9.  Select the FDD-1 icon  from the advanced diagnostics screen  and press Enter.
  10.  If the drive test detects an error, FRU code 50  appears.  Replace the drive or the drive cable.
  11.  To exit from the test screen, press Esc.

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