FRU Removal (Instruction) (9552)

FRU Removal 700, 700C, 720 and 720C (9552)

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  1.  Battery Pack
     (Press down and pull out)

  2.  LED Indicator Cover
     (Insert front first, then press rear down.)

  3.  Video Connector

  4.  Video Power

  5.  Hinge Covers
     (Install with bevelled edge at front.)

  6.  Two Screws (C)
     (One at each end)

  7.  Four Screws (S)
     (Two at each end)

  8.  LED Indicator Assembly
     (With connector and contact shield)

    Lift LCD Assembly from computer
    Place computer bottom-side up

  9.  Three Screws (S)
     (On bottom cover, two at front-right, one at rear of math coprocessor  access door.)

  10.  Two Memory Bracket Screws (S)

  11.  Five Screws (4-E, 1-V)
     (From processor card and video card)

  12.  Memory Module

  13.  Ribbon Cable
     (At rear of diskette drive)

  14.  Diskette Drive
     (Hold the eject button pressed while installing.)
     (Make sure the flexible cable gets into the holder plate opening  on the IC DRAM card.)

  15.  Hard Disk Drive
     (Have the customer backup all information before replacing the drive.  Never replace the hard disk drive when the system is operating or in  suspend mode.  Restore drive system information using the customer's backup copy of the  system programs.)

  16.  Three Keyboard Frame Screws (S)

  17.  Two Screws (T)

  18.  System Board
     (Restore system configuration data.)

  19.  Five Frame Stiffener Screws (S)

  20.  Frame Stiffener

  21.  Four Keyboard Screws (S)

  22.  Keyboard

  23.  One Screw (S) and Keyboard Control Card

  24.  Two Screws (R) and Voltage Converter with Suspend Resume Pin
     (Set the lever on the voltage converter to the middle position before  installation. Be sure the suspend pin is installed correctly before  installing the voltage converter.)

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