System Error Log (9552)

System Error Log

The computer system maintains a system error log. The BIOS nonmaskable interrupt (NMI) handler writes an entry to the error log each time the system detects an error.

Viewing the error log

To view the error log, start the system programs and select More utilities from the Main Menu, then select Display system error log. For any error that is displayed, help screens guide you through the actions to take.

Error Storage

The error log stores up to three unique  errors (for example three parity errors at three different addresses). The multiple log counter (on the screen) displays the number of times each unique error occurred. You can page forward by pressing F8, or backward by pressing F7 to view the stored error logs. The date and time of the most recent occurrence also is displayed. If the POST finds that the error log has stored three unique errors, the POST displays a 000179XX error.

NOTE: If the system configuration is changed, the system clears any logged errors associated with the FRU that was changed. (For example, if the memory configuration was changed, memory errors are cleared from the error log). The conditions under which errors are cleared vary with the type of hardware and level of microcode installed.

Application If the system diagnostics run error-free, but you still suspect a problem, look at the error log. If errors were detected, press the F1 key and follow the instructions on the screen to help you determine which FRU might be causing the failure.

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