Power Management Features (9552)

Power Management Features

The suspend and resume functions are unique methods used to save battery power. In suspend mode, all tasks are suspended and their present states are stored in memory to save power. Also, the system enters a sleep  state where only a minimum amount of power is used.

When the computer returns to normal operation using the resume function, the computer restores the same states as when it entered suspend mode.

Full and Partial Suspend Modes

Suspend mode might be referred as full-suspend mode, as compared to partial-suspend mode.

The computer enters partial-suspend mode when an application software program interferes with the power management capability of the computer and prevents it from entering full-suspend mode. The following sounds indicate suspend mode has occurred:

(No beep is heard if the Power controller beep  parameter is set to off in the Set Advanced Features program.)

The computer enters suspend mode when:

The system returns to normal operation when:

You can replace the battery pack during full-suspend mode. Never replace the battery pack during partial-suspend mode. If the battery pack is replaced during suspend mode with the LCD opened, close the LCD and open it again to return to normal operation.

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