General Checkout (9552)

General Checkout TP 700, 700C, 720, 720C (9552)

The diagnostic tests are intended to test only  IBM products. Non-IBM products, prototype card, or modified options can give false errors and invalid system responses.

  The drives might have been rearranged or the drive startup sequence might have been altered. Be extremely careful during write operations such as copying, saving, or formatting. Data or programs can be written over if you select an incorrect drive.

Japanese Models Only

The Japanese model of the ThinkPad 700C has an 89-key keyboard. This keyboard is identified by the additional keys at the left and right sides of the spacebar.

When testing the diskette drive in the Japanese model, the 1.2MB format (8 sectors per track and 15 sectors per track) in addition to the 720KB and 1.44MB formats are tested to ensure correct operation.

A 2.0MB capacity diskette is required when testing the 1.2MB format.
  1.  Power-off the computer and all external devices.
  2.  Check all cables and power cords for correct connection.
  3.  Make sure that no diskettes are in the drives.
  4.  Power-on all external devices.
  5.  Power-on the computer.  If any error message appears on the screen, go to 'Symptom-to-FRU Index'

     If no message appears on the screen,  press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to continue.  After the cursor moves to the upper right corner of the  screen, press Ctrl+Alt+Insert  to start the system program.  If the IBM logo screen does not appear, insert the backup copy of  the system partition into the diskette drive and start the system  program again.  Then press Ctrl+A, and run the system checkout.  For information  on how to disable the password, see 'Power-On Password (700, 700C)'

  6.  Refer to the following table. If you do not find your symptom  listed, go to 'Symptom-to-FRU Index', then go to 'Undetermined Problem'.

Symptom Go to
Error Code or Message 'Symptom-to-FRU Index'
Configuration Problem 'Checking the Installed Devices List'
Power Problem 'Power Systems Checkout'
Memory Problem 'Memory Checkout'
TrackPoint II or Pointing Stick Problem 'Trackpoint II Checkout'
ThinkPad 700C, 720C Color LCD Problem 'LCD FRU Replacement Notice'
ThinkPad 700, 720 Mono Panel Problem '700, 720 Mono LCD FRU Replacement'
High Speed Modem Noise Problem 'High-Speed Modem Noise Problems'


For information about how to run diagnostics, error messages, passwords, and various other tests and service checks, go to 'Related Service Procedures'.

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