Diskette Drive Test

Diskette Drive Test

Do the following to isolate the problem to a controller, drive, or diskette. A scratch, write enabled, non-defective 2HD diskette is required.

NOTE: Make sure that the diskette does not have more than one label attached to it. Multiple labels can cause damage to the drive or can cause the drive to fail.
  1.  Do following to select the test device:

  2.  Run the diskette drive test.
  3.  If the controller test detects an error, FRU code 10 appears.  Replace the system board.
  4.  If the controller test runs without errors,  the drive read/write tests start automatically.
  5.  If the drive test detects an error, FRU code 50  appears.  If the diskette itself is known to be good, replace the drive.

If no errors occur at the FDD position, the drive is not defective.

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