boo2pdf Web Service


This service has been discontinued. The source code is available at

This is the boo2pdf web service.

Upload an IBM BookManager (.boo) file and you will be prompted to download a converted PDF version.


This is a beta of boo2pdf, an IBM BookManager to PDF conversion app & web service. I'm currently experimenting with the HTML to PDF backends and would like feedback with book files I haven't tried. Once the code is cleaned up, I will dump it on my site.

Known Limitations

Download IBM Book Graphics Conversion Utility (TransMogrifier) for Windows to preprocess pre-1.3 BookManager files.


I have a large collection of old IBM machines and documentation. I want this documentation indexed by my own search facilities and Google for easy retrieval. PDF is widely read, while BookManager requires proprietary software and no search engines I know of parse it. This will probably be useful to Mainframers as well.

Technical Details

I am using the JAR files from IBM SoftCopy Reader for Linux. I've decompiled these and written my own main class and and a wrapper script to take care of setting the LD_LIBRARY_PATH, Java classpath, and other such glue code. I use SoftCopy Reader's API to output HTML and images from the BookManager files. I then pass this to htmldoc for PDF conversion.

At some point it would be nice to do a native version. Some format info I have discovered below.

Vector Graphics: ADMGDF, CGM, MET or METBIN (OS/2 metafile), Encapsulated PostScript (EPS)

Raster Images: ADMIMG, page segment (PSEG), CCITT G4

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