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Seamonkey 1.1.13 for AIX 5L

Tested to run with IBM's most recent GTK2 rpms. If you have IBM's Firefox up and running, you have all you'll need installed on your machine. Compiled on AIX 5.1ML9 with xlC.rte as 32bit application. So every box running AIX 5.1 can run this Seamonkey as long as you have 256MB RAM as a bare minimum. For good performance 512MB RAM recommended. Now with SVG support.
Here are the detailed installation instructions for Firefox and Thunderbird on AIX 5L with GTK2.
For less RAM using the AIX build is recommended.

 Seamonkey 1.1.13 for AIX5L from
or my server
 md5sum: c9f587cba28cdc1ebb30a61cade1a411
Here is the README file.

 Seamonkey 1.1.13 for AIX5L on PowerPC
 md5sum: c0500a0511f7cada089e63b4e36d6538
If you run AIX 5.2 or higher this one is for you.

Seamonkey 1.1.13 for AIX 4.3.3

Compiled with GTK 1.2.10, works from AIX ML 11 to AIX 5.3 and AIX 6.1 The performance is better on slow machines with less than 512MB RAM. No SVG or Freetype font support.

 Seamonkey 1.1.13 for AIX
 md5sum: 3377e4759cf32ffb7aec741a1bda3900
Compiled as common mode, works on every machine.

 Seamonkey 1.1.13 for AIX optimized for PowerPC
 md5sum: 5ed2d6a66306e2b864e9bd3c4c16ea23
This one is also for POWER3 or higher which are PowerPC architecture and NOT POWER.

 Seamonkey 1.1.13 for AIX optimized for original POWER CPU
 md5sum: d695b227d6e820cc677203bd43f6d1a3

 Seamonkey 1.1.13 for AIX optimized for POWER2 CPU
 md5sum: d3eea2d1d48f7ebbb1dd5cb8bcc2b634
Does not work on POWER3, because POWER3 is a PowerPC CPU!

For installation prerequisites of the GTK1/AIX4.3 builds please look at my instructions for Firefox 2.0
Tested on AIX 4.3.3ML11 and AIX 5.1ML9, AIX 5.2ML9 and AIX 5.3ML4
If you want to build it yourself from the source tarball: Here is the patch and used ".mozconfig".

Nov, 12 2008

Uli Link

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