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Prerequisite RPMS for AIX 5L

The needed runtime RPMs from IBM's AIX Toolbox are basically the same packages as for IBM's Firefox My Firefox, Thunderbird or Seamonkey builds have the same runtime requirements, but AIX 5.1 32bit instead of minimum AIX 5.2 64bit. So many more machines are supported. Don't really try to run Firefox or Thunderbird with less than 256MB RAM. A TrueColour visual display is mandatory. On a PseudoColour display you will see illegal instructions and core dumps. If your machine only has a 256 colour graphics card you must use a remote X server.


Firefox and Thunderbird for AIX 5L are compiled on AIX 5.1 ML9 with VisualAge C++ 6.0 with Fixpack August 2004. The minimum version for the xlC.aix50.rte C++ shared lib is You'll also need the Unicode TrueType Fonts installed in your X Server's fontpath.


Aug, 11 2008

Uli Link

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