Optimal CATIA PLM Usability for Product Structure

The objective is to prevent the user from building / editing data in CATIA V5 if they can not be saved in ENOVIA VPM. Therefore, in interoperability mode, some CATIA V5 commands are dimmed or unavailable in the Product Structure workbench.

Only commands subject to restrictions are listed below. And in some cases, rules are applied to restricted commands.


Product Structure Workbench

Feature Command Accessibility in VPM mode
Product Structure Tools Inserting Existing Components YES
Replacing a Component YES
Reordering the Tree YES
Generating Numbers NO (dimmed)
Defining Contextual Links YES
Deactivating / Activating a Component NO (unavailable)
Move Using Flexible Sub-Products NO (unavailable)
Representations Managing Representations YES
Save Activation State NO (dimmed)