ENOVIAvpm-CATIA V5 Knowledgeware Integration

Note that for the Knowledgeware integration to work properly, VPM1.5 PTF13 is required.

The VPM integration of Knowledgeware information created at the product level is guaranteed for Knowledge Advisor, Product  Engineering Optimizer and for the infrastructure fonctionalities (parameters, formulas, laws, Design Tables).

Design Tables: The link between design tables and their external files is not supported. The file must be located in a shared directory. If it is impossible, use the Duplicate data in CATIA model option in the design table dialog box.
Note that you can decide to copy the data into the model by checking (or not) the appropriate option in the settings page. To do so, access the Knowledge tab from the Tools>Options>Parameters and Measure category and check the Default Mode: Copy Data Into Model or the Default Mode: Do Not Copy Data Into Model option.

These objects, considered as connections, support the following pointings:


Replacing Components in VPM V4

Considering the opposite assembly, it is now possible to replace in VPM V4 Part1 with another part (The part numbers can be identical or not) containing a renamed parameter (both names must be identical.)  When loading the document in CATIA, an incident report window is displayed:

You can only save your assembly to update the links. Then, you can, for example, version Product 1: the same message is displayed (see above) when loading the new version of Product 1.
Note that it is also possible for you to proceed as follows:
  • Version Product 1.
  • Update it in CATIA
  • Replace Part1 with another part.
Published parameters Can be replaced with the same publication located in a part (not necessarily a new version, or identical part number).
Renamed parameters (not published) Can be replaced with the same renamed parameter located in a part.
Parameter (not published, not renamed) Can be replaced with a parameter located in a Part that is a new version of an old part (not necessarily the same part number.)

Creating and Storing a Knowledgeware Relation
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