Setting Options

This section explains how to set Tools Options for:

Generative View Styles

You need to activate generative view style functionalities.

Form the menu bar, select Tools - Options - Mechanical Design - Drafting.

Select the Administration tab.

Under Generative View Style, uncheck Prevent generative view style creation.

3D Accuracy

Set 3D Accuracy settings.

From the menu bar, select Tools - Options - General -  Display, and select the Performances tab.


It is recommended that you select this option. Set the value at 0.30.

Doing this will decrease the number of triangles generated for visualization, without affecting the mathematical definition of the geometry. This increases the performances when loading or manipulating 3D Data during the CATIA session. If you want more accuracy, decrease the value of the sag to obtain finer geometry display.


External References and Delete

From the menu bar, select Tools - Options - Infrastructure -  Part Infrastructure, and select the General tab.

Under External References, select Keep link with selected object. This is mandatory to ensure associativity.

Under Delete Operation, you can un-select Display the Delete dialog box, and the confirmation panel will not display every time you try to delete an SFD Object. (This recommendation is optional.)