Inserting Nodes

This task explains how to insert one or more nodes in an existing run.
1. Right click on the run and bring up the Definition dialog box. The run displays all existing nodes.

2. Right click on the segment in which you want to insert a node and select Insert Nodes in the drop down menu. The segment you clicked turns red and the Insert Nodes dialog box displays.

When the Insert Nodes dialog box opens the number of nodes is set to 1, and the node is located in the center of the segment. If there are parts on the run then it is on the open side of the first part. To change the number shown in the Nodes to Insert field, use the Up/Down arrows, or enter a number and press Enter. The node(s) will display in the run. You can click OK to place the node(s) at that location. Or you can use the process described below to place the nodes at locations defined by you.

3. Define center location : Use this button to insert one node. The button will gray out if you want to insert more than one node. Click the button and define a plane that intersects with the segment at the location where a node should be inserted. You can do this by moving your pointer over the segment, or selecting a surface.

The node will be placed.

4. Define range to insert points : Use this button to place nodes within a start and end location. Click the button and move your pointer over the segment. Select the start location, and then the end location. The number of nodes you entered will be placed between these two locations (the start and end nodes are included in the number). In the image below the user placed four nodes.

5. To insert a node on a run with a part on it: When the Insert Nodes dialog box displays it will show the Swap Side symbol. This allows you to shift the node you want to insert to the opposite side of the part.

In the image below you can see one node inserted.

Click the Swap Side button to place the node on the other side of the part. You can also do this more than one node.

You can use the "Define" buttons as explained above.

  6. Click OK in the Insert Nodes dialog box and again in the Definition dialog box. A placed node looks like this: