Branching a Run

This task explains how to branch a run from any of these elements:
  • Another run
  • Boundary
  • Contour
  • Pathway

If the "source" element (i.e., the element from which the run branches) is moved or resized, the run is adjusted accordingly.

1. With your document open, select the Route a Run button.

The Routing dialog box is displayed.

2. Define the parameters for the run.

See Routing a Run for instructions.

3. Select the element from which you want to route the run and begin routing.
  4. If you want to branch from the center of the segment, click the Branch at Center button in the Run dialog box. The branch will begin from the center of the segment, irrespective of the point in the segment that you route from.
If you want to create a run that "branches" from the end of a run, see Routing from the End of a Routable.