Compartment Access

The following computed attributes and methods are in the CompAccessLayout Knowledgeware dictionary. Not all methods take input parameters, and for those that do, the parameters are described in the Description column.

Whether you can see the value returned by the method depends upon how you are using it in Knowledgeware. For example, if you write a Knowledgeware rule or check causing a component to display differently based on the outcome of that rule or check, you won't see the calculated value; just the result of the calculated value.

You can see the value returned by a computed attribute in:


Object Type Attribute/Method Name Description
CamAccessPart OrientationBoundaryOffset Returns the orientation boundary offset for the access part.
CamAccessPart PlacementBoundaryOffset Returns the placement boundary offset for the access part.
CATCptBoundary AssociatedObject Returns a string representing the object type of the boundary's associated object. For example, it would return either CATSPLMoldedForm, CATSPLWrappingSurf, or CATCamWallSystem (a boundary can be associated with either a molded form, a wrapping surface, or a wall system). This is useful for retrieving the attribute values from the associated object. In the following sample Knowledgeware rule, the value for the BulkheadIntegrity attribute on a boundary object is set to the BulkheadIntegrity attribute value on its associated object if that object is a molded form:

let x (CATSPLMoldedForm)
if (BDRY.AssociatedObject->IsSupporting("CATSPLMoldedForm") == TRUE)
set x = BDRY.AssociatedObject
BDRY.BulkheadIntegrity = x.BulkheadIntegrity

CATCptBoundary AssocatedObjectType Returns a generic pointer to the object associated with the boundary. The following example tests if the boundary's associated object is a molded form:
if (BDRY.AssociatedObjectType == "CATSPLMoldedForm")
CATCptBoundary CompartmentID Returns the name of the compartment to which the boundary belongs.
CATCptBoundary SurfaceArea Returns the boundary surface area as a double.
CATCptBoundary TotalPaintThickness Returns the sum of PaintThickness1 through PaintThickness6 for the input boundary.
CATCptBoundary UserType Returns the user-defined boundary type (Deck Boundary, Wall Boundary, Overhead Boundary, etc.)
CATCptCompartment CompartmentMembers Lists the names of all objects inside the compartment based on the compartment contents during the last Update Compartment Members command. (Note: if you load a work-in-progress but not all of its objects, this computed attribute lists only those objects present in the current session.)
CATCptCompartment TotalSurfaceArea Returns the total surface area of the boundaries that make up the compartment.
CATCptCompartment UserType Returns the user-defined compartment type (cabin, engine room, etc.)
CATCptCompartment Volume Returns the compartment volume.