Building a Graphic

This task shows you how to create a graphic. You need to have a graphical representation of a component before you can build the component. You also need to create a graphic to use as an on/off sheet connector.
1. Click the New Detail Sheet button. A detail sheet is created.
2. Click the New View button and then click in the detail sheet. A detail view is created in the sheet. The detail view is where you will build the graphic.

3. Click on one of the drafting tools, such as Line,  to build the graphic. In the image below a valve has been created.

When building a graphic for a component that is to be placed inline, you must place the center of the graphic at the origin, as shown in the image above.

The same methodology is used to build an on/off sheet connector. To ensure that an on/off sheet connector can be placed correctly you should start building it at the origin and proceed in the positive X direction, as shown in the image below. 

To add a component or an on/off sheet connector to a catalog see Storing objects in a catalog.