Before Performing the Getting Started Scenario

Displaying SmarTeam Status

The product structure tree, the drafting workbenches and the desk tree show the SmarTeam status for each document. The status is displayed on the icons of the documents.

This section deals with the following information:

Product Structure Tree

In the Product Structure tree, the SmarTeam status information is displayed thru icons on nodes corresponding to products and subproducts. Part status is displayed at the node corresponding to the Part instance inside the assembly.

Drafting Workbench

SmarTeam statuses are displayed for each drafting document as illustrated below:


Desk Tree

In the desk tree, information is displayed on all nodes corresponding to the documents (loaded or not). No information is displayed if the document is not found.

Bear in mind the following:

  • No information is displayed if the user is not connected to the database:
  • If you are connected, the top right corner of the icon indicates the SmarTeam status of the document.

Displayed Statuses

The statuses displayed by CATIA are identified by the following icons and symbols:

  • Unknown
  • New
  • Checked In
  • Checked In, Modified
  • Checked In, Dirty
  • Checked In, Not Latest
  • Checked In, Not Latest, Modified
  • Checked In, Not Latest, Dirty
  • Checked Out
  • Released
  • Released, Modified
  • Released, Dirty
  • Released, Not Latest
  • Released, Not Latest, Modified
  • Released, Not Latest, Dirty
  • Obsolete
  • Obsolete, Dirty