3D XML EXtensible Markup Language. A universal, lightweight, XML-based format that enables users to capture and share live, accurate 3D data quickly and easily.
3D XML compresses highly complex data, provides rapid file transmission and shorter load times while maintaining the exact geometry of the files exchanged.



bend table A table defining standards for sheet metal parameters in CATIA Generative Sheet Metal Design workbench. They are used to reflect what can be manufactured in a given company.



CGM Computer Graphics Metafile. An ANSI/ISO standardized platform-independent format used for the interchange of vector and bitmap data.
CGR CATIA Graphical Representation. A data format containing a graphical representation of the geometry only, which is available with the Visualization mode (as opposed to the exact geometry, which is available with the Design mode). With CGR, only the external appearance of the component is used and displayed; the geometry is not available. The corresponding .cgr file, if it exists, is inserted from the cache system.
catalog A CATIA tool storing and classifying objects, each with its own specific characteristics (such as shape, color, size, diameter, length, standard, etc.) so that they can be retrieved fast and easily.
check in operation

A lifecycle operation that checks in:

  • a new object and places its file in the SmarTeam Checked In vault, or

  • a checked out object (being modified) and places the file back in the SmarTeam Checked In vault.

check out operation

A lifecycle operation that retrieves files from the SmarTeam Checked In vault. It is the first operation to do prior to making modifications to a file that is checked in to the SmarTeam vault.


A set of objects that share common structure and common attributes. Every engineering entity is an object that can be classified.



default An operation or value that the system or application assumes, unless a user makes an explicit choice.
desk A CATIA tool that lets you view the relationships between different documents and obtain information about their properties.
design table A table containing values to be potentially applied to a document to manage its parameter values. It can be created from the document parameters or from an external file. A design table is a feature. In the document specification tree, it is displayed as a relation that can be activated or deactivated. Like any feature, a design table can be manipulated from its contextual menu. The evaluation method is based on a table (Excel or .txt file).
dialog box A window that gathers additional information from a user. A dialog box usually contains one or more controls, such as buttons, list boxes, combo boxes, and edit boxes, with which the user enters text, chooses options, or directs the action of the command.
document A common unit of data (typically a file) used in user tasks and exchanged between users.


geometry area Area of a document window in which application data are displayed and edited.


model A CATIA Version 4 document.


object An entity or component identifiable by a user that can be distinguished by its properties, operations, and relationships.
obsolete An object assigned as Obsolete can no longer be activated, released or modified.


part A 3D entity obtained by combining different features.


release lifecycle operation A lifecycle operation that changes the revision designation of a part.
A CATIA operation that generates the .CATPart documents referred to by part families or part family components.


specification tree Area of the document window reserved for viewing the design specifications of a part, presented in the form of a tree structure.