Customizing Design Copy


This section describes the different ways of customizing the Design Copy command. The topics discussed are:

Design Copy Administrator Options

The Design Copy Administrator Options enables you to customize the Design Copy window for the user. In addition, you can assign a script to run before the Design Copy window appears.

  1. Customization of Design Copy is done through the Design Copy Administrator Options window. To display this window, click Administrator Options in the Design Copy Options window (for further details see Duplicating an Existing Document).

  2. In the Before DesignCopy script name field click Assign to enter a script.
    This script will run before the Design Copy window appears.

  3. Click Add... to include a class to the Exclude classes list.
    By default the added class is not checked. When checked the system disables the facility to allow the user to copy objects of a class. For example, if Standard CATIA Part is disabled (checked) then the user cannot create a new document based on Standard CATIA Part but only as is.

    • If it is checked in the Design Copy Administrator Option Exclude Classes List, then it is protected and not checked in theDesign Copy window. You will not be able to change the status in the Design Copy window.
    • If it is not checked in the Design Copy Administrator Option Exclude Classes List, then it not checked in the Design Copy window. You can change the status to checked in the Design Copy window.
  4. Restart the Design Copy tool to apply the changes made to the Design Copy Administrator Options.

    Displaying CATIA links

    When you launch the Design Copy, the Design Copy window displays all tree links, except for CATIA links. With CATIA links (both normal and reverse direction) only the CATIA links, which appear in the check out operation and where the Propagation Allowed check box is checked in the lifecycle rules setup, are displayed.

    For example, every product needs to have a drawing in the Design Copy. To do this a rule needs to be defined for the Check Out Operation in the Lifecycle Rules Setup for CATIA Downstream Application link, reverse direction.

    Note: If you have a rule but do not want it to be applied to the actual Check Out operation, then you must select No operation in the Destination Operation field of the SmarTeam Lifecycle Rule Properties window.

    Reverse Links

    For reverse links the structure of the object, which appears as a reverse link, is not displayed in the Design Copy.

    It is highly recommended not to display the structure as it can bring additional objects and an unclear structure to the Design Copy window. If it is necessary to display the structure, then set the DesignCopy.ShowHierarchicalLinksOfReverseDependencies key to Yes in SmarTeam's System Configuration Editor.