Showing Profile Cards  

If you wish to view the relationships between documents open in your CATIA session and other documents as saved in SmarTeam, you can use Show Profile Card.  This capability provides the database view of the document currently displayed in a CATIA session. It is available for all documents and can be accessed:

From CATIA Specification Tree

  1. Select the document of interest.

  2. Click the Show Profile Card icon or select SmarTeam> Show Profile Card.
    Note that the command applies to multi-selected documents:

    A SmarTeam document window opens, giving access to the Profile Card, Links, Viewer etc (information as saved in the ST database), corresponding to the selection. If your selection contains a new entity not saved in SmarTeam, the application informs you.

    • You can run Show Profile Card via contextual menus available from the documents you select. The command applies to the documents you select, not to the current document. Just as a reminder, the application distinguishes selected documents from active documents.
      • Selected documents: To select a document, you just need to click it. Once selected, it appears as highlighted.
      • Active documents: double-clicking a document, activates that document, which sets up a working context. For example, if you double-click a Part, CATIA opens the Part Design workbench for you to access all different capabilities for editing that part.

From CATIA Desk Tree

The CATIA Desk window lets you view the relationships between different documents and obtain information about their properties. Once in the window, you can use the Show Profile Card functionality on all documents.

  1. Right-click the document of interest.

  2. Select Show Profile Card  contextual command:

    The profile card of the selected document is now displayed.

From the 3D Area

You can also run Show Profile Card via contextual menus available from the geometry area.