Data Model Considerations: Defining Attributes

This page deals with attribute sizes and provides information on the TDM_CAD_DIRTY_FLAG Attribute. For information about classes, see Data Model Considerations: Defining Classes.


Attribute Sizes

The size of certain attributes in the system is critical. The methods your company uses for file naming may require fine-tuning of these attribute sizes.

File names and directory path attributes (FILE_NAME, DIRECTORY, CAD_REF_FILE_NAME, CAD_REF_DIRECTORY) must be long enough to store data about your files. If the field size is too small, the system may fail to function properly.

However a long field size influences the performance in a negative way, so try to find an optimum solution. Examine the naming conventions and directory structure that the users will be using carefully before deciding the field size for file-managed attributes.


The dirty flag attribute is assigned automatically to all classes that are defined as file-managed. Existing customers should check that the TDM_CAD_DIRTY_FLAG exists in their system, and that it is used in the Integration Tools Setup as shown below.

For large assemblies, dirty flag mapping increases the SmarTeam save time in CATIA, in cases in which some components were not modified.