DMU Space Engineering Toolbar

This section contains the description of the toolbar icons which are specific to the DMU Space Engineering Assistant 
The DMU Space Engineering Assistant  toolbar looks like this:



Select this icon to...

Connect/Disconnect  initialize (or interrupt) the connection to DMU Space Engineering server
the icon automatically swaps to:
Connection initialized  

  the hourglass appearing on the connection icon shows the calculation is in progress
Force Computation  send each and every part modified to DMU Space Engineering server since last computation . Please refer to Running an Interference Analysis


Browse Clash Result with committed models display the clash results calculated by the Space Engineering Assistant in your CATIA session


Browse Clash result involving a selected product
  • add the existing clash results stored in ENOVIA to the DMU Space Engineering Assistant clash results list
  • display the DMU Space Engineering Assistant clash results list in your CATIA session.
Note: All you need to do is select the clash of interest in the Check Clash dialog box list to display  the parts involved in the clash.