Generating Bends Automatically

This functionality is only available with SheetMetal Design.

This task explains how to automatically generate bends between walls in the Sheet Metal part. You can first create all the bends, then modify the parameters for any of the generated bends.
However, when an ambiguity arises, that is when more than two bends end on the same vertex, the bends are not automatically generated. You then need to create them manually, so as to explicitly select the walls between which the bends are to be created.

Open the BendExtremities01.CATPart document from the samples directory.

  1. Select the Automatic Bends icon .

The bends are created.

  1. Double-click the bend of interest: Bend.4
    The Bend Definition dialog box opens.

  2. Right-click the Radius field: the contextual menu appears.

  3. Deactivate the formula:
    you can now change the value.

  1. Enter 4mm for the Radius and click Preview.

Bend.4 is modified.

  1. Click the More button to display further options: 

You can re-define: 
  1. Within the Left Extremity tab, choose the Mini with round relief bend extremity type, deactivate the L1  and L2 length formulas, and set them to 6mm and 3mm respectively.

  1. Click the Right Extremity tab, and choose the Curved shape type.

  1. Click OK in the Bend Definition dialog box.

The bend is modified with the specified options

The extremities and the corner relief defined with the current dialog box will apply locally and prevail over any other global definition.
Push the more button to display:

aendtask.gif (1477 bytes)