Creating Bends From a Line

This task explains how to generate bends based on a line (also called flat bends). A wall and a bend are created.

Open the FlatBend1.CATPart document from the samples directory.

  1. Select the reference wall then the Bend From Flat icon .

The Bend From Flat Definition dialog box opens.

  1. Select a sketch (Sketch.3 here).
    This sketch must necessarily be a line.

  1. You can choose the line extrapolation option:

  • the line is extrapolated up to the wall edge (Bend From Flat Until)

  • the line is not extrapolated, and the bend is limited to the line's length (Bend From Flat Length)

The Radius value is the one defined when editing the sheetmetal parameters:
Right-click the Radius field and select Formula -> Deactivate from the contextual menu to change the value.

  1. Set the angle value between the generated wall and the reference wall.

  1. Click OK to create the bend.

  • When creating such a bend on a reference wall (first wall), an arrow indicates which part is to be folded. Click this arrow to invert the side that will be bent.
  • Such bends cannot be created, if the section to be folded already intersects the part. 
  • Bends from line should be performed on end walls, or prior to creating further walls on the bent one.
  • Perform the bend before creating the stamping features, as stamps are not retained when the part is folded with the bend.

aendtask.gif (1477 bytes)