Saving As DXF

This task shows how save the generated geometry as a DXF document.

Open the SaveAsDXF01.CATPart document from the samples directory.

  1. Click the Save As DXF icon . The Select a Dxf file dialog box is displayed allowing you to navigate to the correct location. 

  1. Indicate the correct path and file name (we saved it as PartSavedAsDXF.dxf).

  2. Click Save. The geometry has been saved, and can be imported as a DXF file in any system supporting this type.

  3. Close the CATPart Document.

  4. Click File -> Open.

  5. From the File Selection dialog box, choose the .dxf file type, then select the saved part (PartSavedAsDXF.dxf).

  6. Click Open. The unfolded view of the part is opened within the Drafting workbench, because the .dxf type is recognized as being a drafting type of document.

Note that the axes of  bends and planar hems, tear drops, or flanges are automatically displayed on the drawing.

Refer also to DXF/DWG Settings.