Defining Orientation

This task explains how you can define the orientation properties of a plate. See Defining Material for Plates to learn about defining material properties.




1. With your document open click the Material & Orientation tab in the Plate dialog box.

  2. In the orientation section, select which side of the support you want the plate thickness applied. The default will be as decided by your administrator. You can override it by clicking the Flip button. You can place decks top or bottom of the support, while bulkheads go fore or aft. Orientation works with the Center and Offset functions, explained below.
  3. When you select Center, the thickness will be applied equally to either side of the support. As you can see in the graphic, the thickness selected is 40 mm, and the offset automatically selected is 20 mm. If you do not want the thickness applied equally on either side then select Offset and enter the appropriate value. If you want all the thickness on one side then select the side - say Top, select Offset and enter the value 0. All the thickness will be placed on that side. The graphic below shows the effects of the following settings:
  • Offset = 0
  • Offset = 30
  • Offset = 40
  • Center selected, Offset = 20

  4. Click OK when you have made your selections.