Transforming the Part

This task shows you how to modify the part by applying an affinity operation.

  1. Click Affinity .

    The Affinity Definition dialog box appears.
  2. Select the end section profile (Profile2) to be transformed by the affinity.

  3. Specify the characteristics of the axis system to be used for the affinity operation:

    • point PT0 as the origin

    • plane XY as reference plane

    • X axis as the reference axis.

  4. Specify the affinity ratios: X=1, Y=1 and Z=1.5.

  5. Click OK to create the new profile.

  6. Edit the definition of the multi-sections surface (Multi-sections Surface.1), by double-clicking it, then select the second section, click Replace and select the new profile.

  7. Click OK in the dialog box.

  8. If needed, click Update to update your design.

    Multi-selection is available. Refer to Selecting Using Multi-Output to find out how to display and manage the list of selected elements.