Modifying the Mapped Material

This task shows you how to edit the material you have just mapped in the previous scenario. You will change some properties of the material mapped onto the part.
  1. Right-click the mapped material (Honeycomb) in the specification tree and select Properties.

    The Properties dialog box is displayed:
    The mapping support (in this case a box support) appears in the geometry area. This will assist you later when you interactively position the material.
  2. In the Rendering tab, click the Lighting tab if not already active.

  3. Change the color of the material to green:

    • Click the ... button opposite the color square beside the Ambient, Diffuse, and Specular parameters.

    The Color dialog box is displayed:

    • Click in the preview area to select the color you want. For more information on the Color dialog box, refer to Modifying Lighting Properties.
    • Click OK in the Color dialog box.

    The selected color is displayed in the Color box. 

  4. Change the material density:

    • Click the Analysis tab in the Properties dialog box
    • Key in a new density
    • Click Apply.

    Note: appropriate licenses are required to use these products.

  5. Click OK in the Properties dialog box.

  6. Right-click the mapped material in the specification tree and select Properties to modify more material properties.

    For instance, you can change the material size (in the Rendering tab of the Properties dialog box) so that the texture shrinks in size relative to the part.

Now that you have finished, let's go to taking a closer look at the Real Time Rendering application!