ambient lighting The intensity of light emitted in any direction by the object, even if not lit by any light source
attenuation The action of lessening illumination


camera A rectangular-shaped element with a lens used to specify the chosen viewpoint to take the image


diffuse lighting The intensity of light diffused by the object when lit by light sources
directional light A light coming from a given direction (like the sun, for instance) generating constant intensity parallel lighting


environment A geometrical element, either rectangular, cylindrical or spherical, used to simulate interior as well as exterior scenes


light source A source of light illuminating the object to be rendered


mapping A method used to apply an image onto an object in order this object acquires a surface texture
material An object that can be mapped onto a geometry to simulate visually and physically the components an object is made of (e.g. wood, stone, etc.)
material family A set of materials
material library A Version 5 document created and managed in the Material Library workshop. It contains material features which are organized into material families. This document is identified with the .CATMaterial extension


part A 3D entity obtained by combining different features
point light A punctual illumination (like a bulb, for instance) emitting light isotropically, i.e. in all directions
product   A 3D entity containing several components
property The attribute or characteristic of an object that defines its state, appearance or value


reflectivity The ability to reflect light
refraction The degree of light passing through an object
rendering A photo-realistic drawing of three-dimensional objects
roughness The dullness of an object (it represents the size of the reflecting zone)


scene A reusable configuration enabling to put models on stage using cameras, light sources, environments, turntables
shadow A dark reflected image cast by an object occluding rays from a light source
specification tree An area of the document window reserved for viewing the design specifcations of a part, presented in the form of a tree structure
specular lighting The dullness of an object
spot light A light source emitting the light isotropically inside a cone of influence determined by the privileged direction of illumination (forming the axis of revolution) and the angle that the edge of the cone forms with this axis.
sticker An image that can be mapped onto a face of a product


texture An image that can be mapped onto the geometry
texture file An external image (.jpeg) a material may refer to for rendering purpose.
transparency The degree of transparency of an object. The object transparency defines its property of transmitting light so that elements lying beyond are seen
turntable A revolvable platform enabling to generate a sequence of images representing the model rotation around a user-defined axis