Snapping Geometry


This task shows you how to snap the bottom wall of the environment to the geometry. For instance, you will be able to easily connect the wheels of a car to the ground (environment Bottom wall)
Create a box or cylindrical environment as explained in Creating a Standard Environment.
  1. In the specification tree, select an environment (or select it directly in the 3D window).

  2. Right-click to display the contextual menu then select Snap to Geometry.

  3. The Bottom wall of the environment and the geometry are now connected.

  • The Snap to Geometry option only works with environments that have a ground. It does not work with spherical environments.
  • Make sure that the geometry is properly defined in absolute coordinate system so that the bottom face of the bounding box coincides correctly with the bottom wall of the environment.
You can decide to have the Snap to Geometry option as a default option. To do so, go to Tools > Options > Real Time Rendering > General and select Snap to Geometry in the New Environment area