Activating/Deactivating Material Reflections

In this scenario, you will learn how to the reflections displayed on your materials, whether they are emitted from the default environment or from a customized environment image.
Open the ApplyMaterial.CATProduct document.
  As you can see in the picture below, an environment image (the default one, in our example) is reflected on the teapot:


  1. Select Tools > Customize then click the Commands tab:

  2. Under Categories, select All Commands then in the Commands list to the right, select Activate/Deactivate Reflections.

  3. Drag the command from the command list to the toolbar to which you want to add the command.

  4. Drop the command onto the desired toolbar.

    In our scenario, the icon of the Activate/Deactivate Reflections command has been added to the Scene Editor toolbar:

  5. Click Activate/Deactivate Reflections .

    The reflections are no longer displayed and you can compare the two different results below:



  6. To re-activate the material reflections, click Activate/Deactivate Reflections again.


The Activate/Deactivate Reflections command lets you switch from one display mode to another.