Applying ClearCoat 360 Textures

This tasks describes ClearCoat 360 textures and how to apply it.

ClearCoat 360 textures are supported for real-time lighting and reflection computation.
They reproduce the reflective nature of glossy materials such as paint, plastic and glass.

This life-like rendering technology improves greatly the fidelity of styling reviews.
You can apply ClearCoat 360 textures (.cc360 extension files) the same way you apply textures to your model.

  • Version 5 Real Time Rendering product lets you create materials with ClearCoat 360 textures
  • Version 5 Real Time Rendering product lets you create a Box environment where you can apply environment textures used by your ClearCoat 360 files.
ClearCoat 360 technology is available for IRIX (SGI only).
To be able to use ClearCoat 360 technology, download the ClearCoat 360 runtime library (named "") from the following site:

This library must be installed in the Version 5 file tree containing runtime code (...code/bin)

  1. Open your document then access the material texture properties:

  2. Select ClearCoat 360 from the Type list as shown below:

  3. In the Image Name box, indicate the name of the ClearCoat 360 texture to be applied or click to navigate to the desired file.

  4. Click Apply to validate then OK to close the dialog box.


The ClearCoat 360 texture is applied.

The following picture illustrates the result you can obtain when applying ClearCoat 360 textures:



If you do not have any ClearCoat 360 textures to apply, you can generate one by yourself. Refer to Generating ClearCoat 360 Textures for detailed information.