Inserting a Part

This task shows you how to insert a part. 
This procedure is used for inserting a part, such as a tee, at a location on a raceway, for instance. This effectively splits the raceway into two parts. Conduit Design operates similarly but uses dialog boxes and parts specific to the Conduit application.


With the run displayed, click the Place Raceway Part button . The Raceway Placement dialog box displays.  Click the Class Browser button and navigate to the type of part you want to place.  See Placing a Part on a Run.

2. Select the part you want to place and click where you want to place it. The part will be placed.  In the image below a horizontal tee has been inserted in a straight raceway.

3. You can adjust the location of the part after it has been placed.  Click the Toggle Manipulation Handle Mode button and select the part you want to move. Click on the dot and drag the part along the run to the desired location.  Click the Update button when finished.