Specifying The Depth Level When Opening Product Structure

Several options drive the behavior of CATIA V5 in terms of loading and presentation.

A command (Product Load Management / Selective Loading) allows to manage progressive load of a Product. This task shows you how to expand 1, 2, all levels in that command.

First of all, you need to use the following settings configuration:
  • The option Load referenced documents in Tools > Options > General must be deselected. For more information, please refer to Customizing General Settings.
  1. Open 16cubes.CATProduct.

  2. Download the CATProduct's components by using the Selective Load command.

    The Product Load Management dialog box is displayed:

  3. In the Specification Tree, select the component(s) you want to download.

  4. Choose a depth level in the list: 1 level, 2 levels or all levels.

You can specify the expected open depth using the dedicated combo box. Only 1, 2 and All options are accessible. Multi-selection capacity is available too.

  1. Click the Load icon in the command dialog box in order to validate the selection. You can see the loading notification in the Delayed actions field:

  2. Click OK (or Apply if you want to continue using Selective Load) to load your documents.