Entering the Product Structure Workbench

This task shows you how to:

Entering the Product Structure Workbench

Select Infrastructure > Product Structure from the Start menu.

The Product Structure workbench is displayed and a document like this appears:

Note that more toolbars may appear next to the Standard toolbar when you create a document.

For more information about this CATIA window, please refer to Workbench Description.


Creating a New Document

  1. Select New from the File menu and a New dialog box is displayed:

  2. Select a type of document (Product for instance) in the list and click OK. A new CATProduct appears:



Opening an Existing Document: a Progress Bar Appears

This task includes opening of a CATProduct step by step with a progress bar and giving the number of the activated shapes out of the total shapes.

With the progress bar, you can get an insight in the objects' downloading time, and in the meantime the screen is not frozen. This operation is activated by default (there is no setting).

Open the AnalyzingAssembly01.CATProduct document.
  1. While the CATProduct is opening, there is a progress bar indicating the total shapes downloaded and to be opened. In this example, 4/6 means 4 shapes have been downloaded out of 6.

  2. When this dialog box disappears, the whole geometry (assembly) and the specification tree are displayed.

  3. When you insert an existing component, the same method is followed. The progress bar also appears during the downloading process.