3D texture An image defined for every point of the 3D space and thus, seeming to be sculpted in a material block


accuracy A parameter enabling to define the degree of precision of the rendering quality
area light source A source of light similar to ordinary light sources and designed to create a soft, and thus more realistic, lighting. Compare light source
attenuation The action of lessening illumination


bump mapping A technique based on a texture and introducing apparent surface deviations from its original shape (such as waves of the sea or pleated leather)


camera A rectangular-shaped element with a lens used to specify the chosen viewpoint to take the image
caustics Light patterns formed on other objects by the reflection or transmission of light striking a reflective or refractive surface


depth of field A visual effect making objects that are not in focus appear blurry, thus giving a sense of depth to the image.
diffuse lighting The intensity of light diffused by the object when lit by light sources
directional light A light coming from a given direction (like the sun, for instance) generating constant intensity parallel lighting


environment A geometrical element, either rectangular, cylindrical or spherical, used to simulate interior as well as exterior scenes


Final Gathering A method used to compute light energy on any surfaces surrounding an object in the scene. Synonym: "indirect illumination"


global illumination A simulation of indirect illumination of objects by diffuse interreflection of light coming from diffuse surfaces
glow A visual effect generating a halo around bright pixels of the rendered image.


light source A source of light illuminating the object to be rendered


mapping A method used to apply an image onto an object in order this object acquires a surface texture
material An object that can be mapped onto a geometry to simulate visually and physically the components an object is made of (e.g. wood, stone, etc.)


photon An energy particle emitted in the scene by a light source
point light A punctual illumination (like a bulb, for instance) emitting light isotropically, i.e. in all directions


raytracing A rendering technique producing photo-realistic images resulting from the calculation of the path of light reaching the product from various angles. Each pixel is created by calculating the behavior of a number of rays from these different points over the area covered by that pixel
reflection A light wave returned from a surface
reflectivity The ability to reflect light
refraction The degree of light passing obliquely through an object
rendering A photo-realistic drawing of three-dimensional objects


scene A reusable configuration enabling to put models on stage using cameras, light sources, environments, turntables
shooting A set of parameters used to define a rendering
specular lighting The dullness of an object
spot light A light source emitting the light isotropically inside a cone of influence determined by the privileged direction of illumination (forming the axis of revolution) and the angle that the edge of the cone forms with this axis.


texture An image that can be mapped onto a geometry
transparency The degree of transparency of an object. The object transparency defines its property of transmitting light so that elements lying beyond are seen