Creating a Bump Mapping for 2D Textures 

This task shows how to create a bump mapping effect when applying 2D textures. 
  Bump mapping is a lighting surface effect, based on a texture, that locally modifies the geometric aspect of the basic object by means of an artificial perturbation of the surface normals. These normals are vectors perpendicular to the surface defining the orientation of the surface.

Bump mapping cannot be visualized in real time display, it is used for rendering purposes only. 

Open the Cat.CATProduct document. 
  1. Right-click the Blue Onyx material in the specification tree then select Properties (or press Alt+Enter) to access the material properties:

  2. Click the Ray Traced Preview button to display a rendered preview of the texture. 

  3. Use the Bump slider (or enter the desired value directly in the field) to set the bump amplitude to be applied to the mapped texture.

    You can enter values comprised between -1 and 1:
    • 0    means no bump effect
    • 1    means that bright colors appear above dark colors
    • -1   means that dark colors appear above bright colors.
  4. Click OK to validate.

  5. You can then generate a rendered image either by generating a quick render or a shooting.

    Blue Onyx with bump effect Blue Onyx with no bump effect