Creating a System Assembly

atarget.gif (1372 bytes) This task describes how to create a system assembly.
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A system assembly is a mechanism for organizing and grouping networks. You can create networks (such as a Walkway Net) under a system assembly, and then create pathways under each of them. A system assembly and network will only display in the specifications tree because they are organizational elements. A pathway will also display in your viewer. In the illustration below, the specifications tree shows a piping system assembly under an area, a network (Material Flow Net) under the piping system assembly, and a pathway (Path Reservation) under the network. The pathway is also physically shown in the area.

A logical set is a third organizational mechanism. If you want you can have system assembly-network-logical set and then a pathway.

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1. Click on the System Assembly button.buttondistribsystem.gif (658 bytes)

The System Assembly dialog box is displayed.

If you want to create the system in a new document see Saving a System Assembly or Network as a Separate Document.

2. Click on the down arrow and make a selection in the pull-down menu to designate your system assembly as being of a certain type, i.e. piping, power, HVAC, etc.

3. Click OK.

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