Saving a System Assembly or Network as a Separate Document

This task shows you how to create a system assembly or network as a separate document..
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This function is needed if you want to work separately on a component of a larger project. If you save the system assembly or network as a separate document you can open it without having to open the entire project. At the same time it remains part of the larger project.

1. When creating a new System Assembly or Reservations Network check the Create new document option.

2. Enter a file name in the box that displays and click OK. The new document appears in the specifications tree as a child of whichever element you created it under.
ainfo.gif (980 bytes) The icon that shows in the specifications tree next to a system or network created as a separate document is different from that which is not created in a separate document. In the illustration below WasteWater is created as a separate document, Piping System Assembly is not.

3. When you save the project a dialog box will ask if you want to proceed with other document save operations. Click OK.