Place Connector on Hole in V4 Document

This task shows you how to place a connector on a hole in a V4 document that has been imported into V5.

1. Click on Start - Mechanical Design - Part Design. You need to have a license to use the Part Design product. If you do not have a license then use the compass method, outlined below, to place the connector.
2. Select the part geometry near the hole on which you want to place a connector.

3. Click the Sketcher button . The sketching mode will appear.
4. Zoom into the hole and, using the three-point circle tool , draw a circle that conforms to the insides of the hole.
5. Create a point at the center of the hole, using the point tool .

This is all the geometry you need in order to place a connector over the hole. You can now follow the steps outlined in Creating Connectors.


Using the compass

Position the compass on the center line of the hole (holes in V4 models have a center line).

7. Change to a view that gives the clearest view, in this case the top view.

8. Adjust the compass so that you have the correct plane and alignment. The compass provides the geometry needed by a connector to snap to.
9. Follow the steps given in Creating Connectors.