Loading Products


This task will show you how to load products in the Photo Studio workbench.
Make sure that Shading with Material is selected in the View toolbar.
  1. Select Insert > Existing Component. The following dialog box is displayed:

    You can also right-click the product in the specification tree then select Components > Existing Component.
  2. Select Products in the Files of type box.

  3. Select the Lamp.CATProduct document, for instance. Note that you can select any other document from the "samples" folder.

    The sample documents are installed in user guide-specific sample folders. In the online documentation filetree, one sample folder is dedicated to the Photo Studio User`s Guide. For more information on where sample documents are installed by default, see Accessing Sample Documents in the Version 5 - Infrastructure User's Guide.
  4. Click Open.

The product is loaded in the Photo Studio workbench.