Reviewing NC Manufacturing Data

task target This task illustrates how to review NC manufacturing data.

No sample is delivered for this scenario: you can use any CATProcess similar to the one shown below.

scenario 1. Enter the NC Manufacturing Review workbench. Click File > Open to select a CATProcess that includes a Manufacturing Program with at least one machining operation.

The PPR tree appears.

  2. Double click the machining operation in the tree. The operation's dialog box appears.

3. The properties of the operation are organized in tab pages. You can browse and, under certain conditions, edit these properties. 
To end the consultation of the pocketing data, just click Cancel to close the machining operation dialog box.
4. Click the Import APT, Clfile or NC code or right-click the program and select Import APT, Clfile or NC code file.

The NC File Import dialog box appears. 

5. Select the type of NC data file to import using the combo and specify the file to import.

Click OK to import the specified file.

The PPR tree is updated with the manufacturing information of the imported file.

NC data objects appear in the Manufacturing Program for each tool change in the imported file. 
A Tool path object is associated to each NC data object.

All tools referenced in the imported NC file appear in the Resources List.

Note that you can replay the imported APT file using the contextual menu command.

There is also the possibility of editing the tool path using contextual menu commands.

end of task