Positioning Ejector Pins on a Mold Base

This task shows you how to position mold components onto a selected mold base.

In this exercise you will create and position an ejector pin onto the current mold base.

For an easier graphic selection of the EjectorPlateA bottom face, hide the display of the SettingPlate and EjectorPlateB.
  1. Click Add Ejector Pin .

  2. In the catalog browser dialog box, select the Hasco supplier and
    continue into more detailed definition of the ejector pin as follows:

  3. Double-click the reference to display the ejector pin definition dialog box.
    As know-how rules are applied, a filter proposes only ejector pins with a consistent length value. 

  4. Pick the bottom face on EjectorPlateA as shown below:

  5. Locate the ejector pin on the grid.
    Define the plates to drill in the dialog box from EjectorPlateA to Core Plate

  6. Click OK to validate the creation of the ejector pin. Here is the final result: