Inserting Leader Pins in a Mold Base

This task shows you how to insert mold components into a selected mold base.

In this exercise you will insert 4 leader pins that will be positioned on already existing points.
Note that depending on the catalog used, the number of steps until the final component may be different.

  1. Click Add Leader Pin .

  2. Click to open the associated catalogs and select the Dme supplier:

    Continue into detailed definition of the leader pin.

As know-how rules are applied, a filter proposes only leader pins with a consistent diameter value.
  1. Double-click the reference to open the leader pin definition dialog box.

  2. First select a point which is displayed as a circle (and not a cross) on the mold base. 
    As the point is called LeaderPini (i=1to 4), three other leader pins are automatically positioned on the other points named LeaderPini.
    To create the holes associated to each leader pin, position the From and the To elements respectively to ClampingPlate and CavityPlate.
    You obtain the following preview:

  3. Click OK to complete the creation of the leader pins.

  4. If you are not satisfied with one of  the created leader pins,
    right-click it in the specification tree and select Edit LeaderPin Component or Delete Component.