Synchronizing Split Components


This task shows you how to synchronize splits, i.e. to update them when the position of the split element has been modified.

To avoid to synchronize all modified split elements, the analysis is carried out on a given splitting surface at a time.
The command searches all the element split by this surface. If their position has changed, they are candidate for a synchronization.

  • Only the splits performed in components which are loaded are analyzed and synchronized.
  • The command searches splits performed with surface reduction.



  1. Select the Split Synchronization item in the Tools menu.

  2. The Synchronize Split dialog box is displayed:

    Select the splitting surface concerned by all the elements to update and click OK.
    A message is displayed with the number of splits found and the number of splits that are not up-to-date.

  3. Click Yes to update them or No if you do not want to update them.